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We’re experts in creating unique talent development experiences, and we’re passionate
about cultivating connections and nurturing creativity.

COACHING: group & private classes, workshops and training camps
CASTING: world-class artists and speakers
CREATION: innovative choreography and act creation
CORPORATE: professional and personal growth with a creative mindset

High Performance

We are a high-performance alliance connecting premium talent in the sport and entertainment industries. Our diverse international network of performing, coaching, casting and creative professionals is committed to optimizing human performance


We design unique workshops and will supply your club or organisation with coaches, specialists and subject matter experts.


With over 25 years combined experience in casting talent, we handle recruitment to hiring to onboarding.


With a focus on intention and authenticity, we'll help you communicate emotion and narrative through physical movement.


We create innovative mixed discipline content for acts, shows, individual performers and teams.


Our team of coaches, experts, athletes and artists is here to share our expertise.

Choreography and act creation; casting professional talent; coaching new and innovative skills; corporate team building, career guidance… we want to know what you seek to enhance performance and reach your goals. Chances are, we have a specialist in our roster whose skills and experience are the perfect fit.

You Will Love

Our bespoke training is offered in a variety of formats designed to bring you, your athlete, your artist or your organisation the greatest value

We nurture our professional relationships with integrity and a strong moral code, placing health and wellness at the core of our efforts. Our training and creative content reflects this both in practice and in philosophy; coaches and speakers are SafeSport certified.