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Consulting Services

Our seasoned experts in casting, choreography, act creation and career consulting tailor their work to your needs and goals.

Corporate clients benefit from motivational and keynote speakers, plus creative sessions which enhance professional and personal growth mindsets.    

Let’s connect. The very best relationships begin with a meaningful conversation.


Premium Coaches

Tap into our vast network of professional coaches, both technical and artistic. With roots in both sports and entertainment, we cross industry boundaries, resulting in optimal creative performance. Together, we’ll identify what your organisation, team, artist or athlete needs, and then you leave the rest to us. We are laser focused on your goals.


Group Classes

Our online Group Classes offer something for everyone!
Acrodance • Contortion • Acrobatics
Character development • Strength training
Skating adagio • Skating skills & Body line

Minimum class size is 8 with a maximum of 12. $20 USD per participant.


Training & Development

Build your own training modules! Combine and customize a pathway which includes artistic, acrobatic and cerebral sessions. Or better yet, contact us to discuss your goals and we’ll design your program together.

Your coaches and subject matter specialists come from international performing companies including Cirque du Soleil, Disney on Ice, Holiday on Ice and more, as well as high-performance sport and sport science backgrounds.


Develop tools to define choreographic choices: intention, authentic movement, pacing and composition.
Learn specific, collaborative strategies to find and enhance your unique creative voice.


You specify your discipline and your goals and we provide the premium coaching!
Work with experts to enhance and optimize performance: Motivation, Sports Psychology, Performance Science.


Explore and embody movement and behaviour patterns to create a character. For performance sport athletes and performing artists alike.
Learn about goal setting, wellness and self-care, audition prep and making a demo that will impress.


“The team at CAP looks after recruiting, booking and double checking coach credentials until they find the perfect match for my studio. The process is simple: an application where I can request everything from the hard skill sets to the soft skills that match our school philosophy, to the “details” like First Aid certification and vulnerable sector record checks. I cannot recommend them enough. They will forever remain my talent booking go-to!”
Robin Szuch
Creative Director, Spectacle Blue
"Stacy’s curriculum and her ability to communicate her material has far surpassed our expectations. Her course content includes focused student wellness monitoring, development of social awareness as an artist, the building of performance material and understanding the process of entering today’s and tomorrow's professional market. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to work with an esteemed leader, not only in the circus industry but also a leader in the world of athletes."
Jean-Luc Martin
Founder & CEO, San Diego Circus Center
"I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Jean-Damien on several large-scale creative projects, at Cirque du Soleil and elsewhere. His acrobatic expertise and his acute knowledge of the extreme sports environment, both in terms of performance and human aspects, are invaluable assets."
Jean Guibert
Creative Director (Cirque du Soleil, Lune Rouge, freelance)
"I admire and respect not just the power of Andy and Robin's performance quality, but the eagerness with which they collaborate with staff, coaches and athletes. With this pro pair, I have purposely chosen the word “power” to describe their qualities. This power of passion for performing and teaching springs from a deep well within and ascends to the awe and delight of all who are fortunate enough to work with them."
Heidi DeLio Thibert
PSA Senior Director of Coaching Development
“I took my first handstand clinic with Stacy two years ago when I was just learning to get upside-down. She gave me amazing pointers and help create a solid foundation. This time around, she assisted me in drills and cues that will continue to strengthen my handstands and other gymnastics work. Stacy leads a fun and informative style of workshop; I can’t wait to show her what I’ve got the next time we meet!”
CrossFit athlete & coach
"The Creative Athletic Performance team are human-focused, compassionate individuals who harness the power of athletes to use their skills in transformational leadership. Stacy provided education on goal setting to USA Triathlon Elite and Para Elite triathletes, focusing on adaptability, transferable skills and micro goals. Combining strategies, storytelling and reflection, this session brought our team closer together."
Melissa Otterbein
USA Triathlon Education Manager

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