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Ulziibayar Chimed

Ulzii was born in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia. From an early age she showed a passion for performing and began training in the art of contortion at age five. She then joined the Mongolian State Circus and began performing internationally.

In 1994 Ulziibayar became the first Mongolian contortionist to perform with Cirque du Soleil. She toured with Alegria for twelve years. In 2005, Ulziibayar joined Zumanity in Las Vegas to perform in the iconic water bowl act.

Today Ulziibayar is considered one of the top contortionists in the world, with television, film and print ad credits. For Ulziibayar, contortion moves beyond the westernized viewpoint of physical practice, and actively inspires people in all areas of life “to bend their limits.”

“As a coach, I teach all my students to live a healthy balance of life. The combination of strengthening and stretching is a fantastic way to cultivate happiness in daily life and discover a holistic approach to health. Whether your goals are to handstand, or simply touch your toes, we have a stretch for that.”