Casting Call



Gender: As you are
Age range: 18+
Ethnicity: As you are
Physical characteristics: If you can consistently deliver excitement, inspiration and joy, and are in good health, we have no pre-conceived notion of physical appearance. REQUIRED: A genuine smile that comes easily.


• Must be currently authorized to work (US Citizenship or Green Card.) Visas will not be provided.
• Own transport
• Own lodging
• Two complete stage-ready acts
• Personal liability insurance
• Personal accident insurance
• Sense of humor
• Excellent work ethic
• Strong physical stamina



(Deadline: June 1, 2020)

To be considered, please ensure your CircusTalk profile is up-to-date with the following:

1) Demo video
• Unedited or minimal editing of two complete acts
• Presentation to camera (tell us about yourself!)
2) Performance resume, ideally including 2-3 references
3) Headshot and full body shot (not required to be pro shots)

Initial expressions of interest are open to all disciplines and acts that fit within the physical parameters listed below under “Technical specs.” (Sorry, no fire.)

Basic dancing/movement skills a huge plus; advanced dance skills welcome. Above all, you must be able to “sell” simple, fun choreography and deliver it consistently.

Ability to sing is an asset and not a requirement. Comedy is a very important part of the show… bring your comedic chops or be ready and willing to work with the show’s writers.

We’re staying positive but be aware that dates may be modified if public health restrictions require.

Performances: Beginning July 14, 2021
Rehearsal: Tentatively planned for July 5-13, 2021

Contract type: 6-month INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR agreements, with option for an extension into 2022.

Salary range: PROFESSIONAL PAY, depending on experience.
Rehearsal pay: 50% of weekly performance salary.

Tour plan: Approximately 45 weeks, 22 venues, +/- 10,000 miles in total.
Venardos Circus travels from Florida to Washington State and many places in-between. Most venues are a two-week stay.

Initial contracts will be six-months in length (approx. 21 weeks of work) with option to extend.

# Shows per week: Usually 8.

Off-stage duties:
All hands assist in setup and teardown, under the direction of the tent master. Everyone is additionally assigned Front of House duties (ticket taking, ushering, etc.) during the run of show. Scheduling and timing ensures that all performers can meet the demands of their on-stage acts.

Venardos Circus believes in teamwork, personal safety and mutual respect. We celebrate diversity and inclusivity and strive to create a show culture where awesome human qualities are nurtured through open communication, a clear understanding of each team member’s responsibilities, and strong leadership.

All Circus team members are expected to have a positive can-do attitude and work together to achieve an exceptional guest experience we can all be proud of.

Working environment:
Our small but mighty crew of performers and staff on the road totals just 15 usually. We all work together in an environment which is both our work space and our home. Staff RVs are usually parked right next to the tent.

Tour breaks:
Currently there is one three-week break planned from August 22 through September 20, 2021. There will be no breaks thereafter until the end of the six-month contract term.

Technical specs:
The Venardos Circus tent features a 20 ft x 16 ft stage that sits 24 inches off the ground. There is a mere 18 feet of height between the stage surface and the truss bar above. Guests are only a couple feet from the edges of the stage. All acts must fit within these physical parameters. Venardos Circus provides a compelling and exciting experience for our guests, while prioritizing safety for all.

VENARDOS CIRCUS, “The Little Circus That Could”™
The Venardos Circus held its first performance in 2014 at the LA County Fair. Created by former Ringling Bros. Ringmaster Kevin Venardos, the show featured a cast of just six artists in a Broadway/Circus Musical. It was a just a Little Circus… but it had great BIG dreams.

In the years since, Venardos Circus has grown into a living example of the power of dreams, reinventing the American Circus tradition for a new generation, and bringing joy to people everywhere.

Casting director: Stacy Clark
Producer: Kevin Venardos